Sunday, February 17, 2008

Obsession Du Jour


Ok, I don't actually need new bedding. In fact, my husband will probably leave me if I buy one more duvet cover. But, I'm just in love with this new organic duvet cover from West Elm.

I pretty much love everything about it. It's white, which is my favorite home decor color as of late. It's feminine without an abundance of flowers or tassels or other weird typically feminine things. And it's masculine enough that I might even be allowed to put it in the master bedroom. (If I hadn't already purchased a few new duvets in the last few months, of course.)

Imagine how romantic it would look with this Moroccan headboard. Or how lush it would be with this crushed velvet headboard.

Le sigh.

I wonder if I could convince the husband that it's just one more set...

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