Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Couture Collars

It's a pretty well known fact that I have a well dressed pup. Since I'm strictly forbidden from actually putting clothes on her, I've chosen instead to invest in an array of collars. I have more than I'll ever willingly admit to. But really, what's cuter than adding accessories to my own cute and furry accessory.

My current favorite is a zebra print from Zoe's Collection. I *might* have purchased this print with a matching lead during the Christmas season... It's fabulous. Randi really offers some cute styles! I'm also currently coveting the pink polka dot print as well.

With spring quickly approaching and the gloomy weather hopefully coming to an end, I'm loving this Tiffany Blue collar from Jasper and Lenore. The Gatlin Collar has a little Jackie O feeling with the the tweed fabric, so of course I love that as well. But, I think my favorite design of theirs is the Duncan Collar in orange. The paisley print gets me every time!

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Faith, the Authoress said...

I am LOVING the Coco collar!