Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's over. I'm completely obsessed.

(Photo curtesy of Jessica Lagrange)

I'm not even going to try and fight this one... I'm 100% completely obsessed with Zebra print. I think it's the fact that it's so neutral - but yet so eye catching. I can pair it with almost any color and a lot of prints if I keep it minimal. I seriously adore it. I actually have to be careful not to use too much of it!

So now, what do I pick? If I had space in my living room, I'd absolutely choose this calf hair ottoman from Oly Studio. It's perfection. Turned legs, studded sides, the works! *Le sigh* Sadly, I can't fit it in my tiny house, so I'll probably pick up this much smaller... and much cheaper accent chair from Home Decorators Collection.

I'm also contemplating picking up these super cute (And pretty cheap at only $56!) Kelsi Flats
from Steve Madden. I have a feeling I'll be practically living in them.

I'm telling you, if I'm not careful, I'll end up with a safari in my living room!

(Photo from the Galleria Park Hotel in San Francisco)

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