Thursday, April 17, 2008

DIY - TV Frame

Yes, yes.... It's been a week since my last post. Bad Meg. ;)

Anyway, I stumbled upon this TV frame in Pottery Barn's sale section today, and felt like it warranted a post. PB is charging between $400 and $600 for this beauty (on sale), which frankly intrigues me.

I always tend to lean toward hiding a TV. I don't really want it to be the centerpiece of our living room, but, if I'm going to display it, it needs to be pretty. And what better way than to frame it?

However, why on earth would PB charge such a fortune for what is essentially 4 pieces of crown moulding?

I do, however, think I might pick up this light for above our dining room table.


Jennifer said...

Hi - just wanted to say that I am loving your blog!!! We like a lot of the same home things (love that frame idea!) and I just found the Christina Ashley jewely and I am in love with it - I have 2 pregnant friends and cannot wait to order some things for them (and myself)!

btw - I found your blog through BOTB, I know I always wonder where random comments on my blog come from ;)

Mrs. Limestone said...

I love the concept too. I find that my wall mount tv sticks out farther than this frame would allow. It also tilts down a bit. Am I the only one that has this problem?

Unfortuntely I can't miter corners to save my life so I won't be doing a DIY version anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

If I had a wall mountable TV, I would be all over this. However, I am cheap skate ho and my old TV is only able to be hidden in an armoir type thing, which works for now.
Good luck on your DIY project! This should be interesting!

Meg said...

Mrs. Limestone - We have a much smaller TV mounted in our (my husband's) office, and it doesn't have too much of a tilt to it. I'm not sure about the larger TVs though.

Barking Chef said...

I love the PB flat screen frame too. I also don't want to spend that much money and went all over the net to find a DIY. Did you get around to doing this yourself? Can you teach us?!?!?!?!