Monday, April 28, 2008


I apologize for the lack of posts lately, would you believe I had the flu... again? Nothing says fun like loads of snot.

Anyhoo, clothing is off topic for me, but I can't pass up posting about my fabulous JCrew wedding season find.

JCrew doesn't normally carry their special occasion dresses in the store, so I was pretty excited to stumble in there this weekend only to find rack upon rack of colorful goodness. They really should start sending these beauties to the store, because I would NEVER have ordered this dress if I hadn't seen it in person. I promise you all it doesn't resemble maternity wear quite as much in person.

I picked it up in a shimmery brown color which will get me through all my summer and fall weddings.

And really, does it get better than fushia heels?? I also picked up these lovelies for good measure in both the gold and the fabulous green.

I adore being a girl.


Anonymous said...

That dress is really cute, have fun with your new purchases! I'm very jealous of the shoes-they don't come in my size. Thanks for sharing!

Staci said...

How did I not know you have a blog? I love it!! Now I have another blog to add to my addiction...btw- where did you get your armless chairs in the LR? (We have the same rug!) Wish we were still in CA so we could get together....

Jenny said...

LOVE the green shoes!

Meg said...

Staci, I miss you too!

The chairs are from am pretty sure they still have them in different fabrics.

Kemmeo said...

You can often find JCrew party dresses (heavily discounted) at Jeremy's in Berkeley. I'm not sure if you're ever in the area.