Sunday, May 11, 2008

Less Theme-y Nurseries

Can I just say how much I love the modern nurseries? And by modern - I don't necessarily mean modern design, but just the newer, less theme-y designs that the big box furniture stores have come out with.

These two by Pottery Barn are CLEARLY gender themed. The fabulous pink wallpaper still allows mommy to have her little princess room, but it's not over the top obnoxious. I love it.

This one is gender neutral - but still so cute. (I have such a thing for animal prints...)

Someday I'll actually have a nursery to plan!


Mrs. Limestone said...

Love those.

Although I probably love the sun light drenched look the most.

Mandy said...

omg, loves.

Anonymous said...

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They also have some cute, modern nursery decor.

Anonymous said...

Oh has some cute ones as well.

I have way to many baby links still.